Friday, July 1, 2011

WSO2 Releases Carbon 3.2.0 platform

For the first time in history, WSO2 released all of its incredible products to the SOA world. Keeping a full stop for the chunk mode releases, where in each release only 3-4 products get released, this time WSO2 succeeded the dream of releasing THIRTEEN products all together.
It was a time that all the engineers spent sleepless nights and restless weekends; With all their whole hearted spirit, effort, commitment and dedication, it was a dream come true.

Focusing on a bunch of new features that were put out with this release, the complex platform has solved many of the earlier problems that were existing in the carbon platform. With the new enhancements and fixes, the platform has improved by leaps and bounds in its stability, availability and scalability aspects.

The ESB has increased its competitive advantage by introducing

  • Deployment Synchronizer which synchronizes the deployed archives arcoss all the nodes in a clustered environment
  • HL7 transport which comes as an optional feature that is pluggable to an existing ESB
  • Event mediator which publishes events to topics defined in the built in event broker
  • HTTP Relay transport which streams pure HTTP messages based on Java NIO for ultra fast HTTP routing
and the list grows. You can refer to the latest ESB download and experience the novel difference and super performance.

WS02 Business Process Server has come up with couple of enhancements in order to cater competitive business environments

  • Clustering support which comes as a in-built feature of BPS 
  • BPEL package hot update which facilitate automatic versioning of uploaded BPEL packages etc 

where you can download the product and try it on your own and feel the new difference.

Across the platform there are several improvements done on stabilizing the middle-ware platform.

  • Kerberos support as a new security policy
  • ApacheDS LDAP usage as the default user store
  • RememberMe feature where the current session is kept cached
  • Embedded Tomcat 7 integration that makes the performance faster and smoother. 

With all the matured products like EBS, AS (which was earlier known as WSAS), G-Reg and BPS, two newly adopted kid products too were released. To name, they are Complex Event Processor (CEP) and Message Broker (MB).
Out of them, CEP supports Drools Fusion runtime engine where it comes as a built in engine with CEP and a pluggable Esper runtime engine. These are query processing engines where it handles complex processings of events published on CEP buckets. Also this has the capability of creating a range of brokers from local, WS-Event and JMS-Qpid.

Download the WSO2 Carbon 3.2.0 products from here and experience the ease and comfort of working with the perfect matching middleware solution to your enterprise.

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