Friday, February 21, 2014

How to call an Admin Service using JMeter

Recently I wanted to invoke an Admin service in API-Manager for a test. My objective was to create a JMeter test script which

  • Login to the server as a TENANT
  • Create an API as the tenant
  • Publish the API
  • MODIFY the API config with new properties
  • Subscribe to the API
  • Invoke the API and check the result. 

To modify the API's synapse config with new properties, I had to invoke the updateApiForTenant  operation in https://localhost:9443/services/RestApiAdmin service.

Step 1: Authorize the service
Created a HTTP Authorization Manager and passed the username and the password as follows:
<stringProp name="Authorization.url">https://${server}:9443/services/RestApiAdmin.RestApiAdminHttpsSoap11Endpoint/</stringProp>
                   <stringProp name="Authorization.username">admin</stringProp>
                    <stringProp name="Authorization.password">admin</stringProp>
                    <stringProp name="Authorization.password">admin</stringProp>                    <stringProp name="Authorization.domain"></stringProp>                    <stringProp name="Authorization.realm"></stringProp>

The required input were the API name, Tenant domain and the API Data. Passing API data was bit tricky. For API data, what is required was the entire API's synapse configuration as a string. After a bit of a struggle, with some assistance, I could figure out the way to pass the API Data.

I passed the entire synapse config in a ![CDATA[     ]]

Hope this will help you!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Achieve EIP- Enterprise Integration Patterns with WSO2 ESB

When enterprises seek for an integration solution, one basic aspect they always look for is, EIP. 

Gregor Hohpe, the ex-Google Architect has written a book on the widely used integration patterns.

WSO2 ESB, which is a world renown message mediation, routing and integration engine, has compiled a guide on EIP with WSO2 ESB.

This guide explains how WSO2 ESB can be configured to operate in each pattern with sample configurations. This contains:

  • Introduction to the pattern
  • Example business scenario
  • Sample configuration to achieve the above use case
  • Explanation on how each configuration operates
Visit, read the comprehensive guide and get your enterprise going with the EIP!!! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WSO2 ESB becomes Fastest ESB again.. ESB Performance Round 7.5

WSO2 has done another round of performance test with the WSO2 ESB latest release, WSO2 ESB 4.8.1

The performance test results is being published in the WSO2 Library article: ESB Performance Round 7.5

The study shows how the latest WSO2 ESB outperforms a number of other open source ESBs. A summary of the observation is below:

The above figure clearly shows how high performant WSO2 ESB is, over the other vendors.

Want to experience a speedy and smooth integration in your enterprise??
Visit WSO2 ESB page and download today.
You can read more on WSO2 ESB in the latest ESB documentation.