Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PaaS for the Enterprise: WSO2 Stratos 1.0.0 Released

WSO2 Carbon platform was a revolutionary release to the enterprise world which was capable of building and setting up a modern enterprise as easy as ABC. This was achieved with the core services hosted in the platform. All the enterprise activities could be hosted and performed in the WSO2 Web Service Application Server which is commonly known as App Server or WSAS. The data stores for these applications which is generally associates a lot of heterogeneous activities, can be easily hosted in WSO2 Data Service Server. The message mediations, transformations and various other configurations are being handled by the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus while exposing and connecting the WSAS and DSS to the external network. Within the enterprise, if process flow creations and orchestrations become vital, WSO2 Business Process Server comes into action. WSO2 Gadget Server is a dash board that presents the users with the information and statuses they need to keep track of while WSO2 Mashup Server allows the user to compose, deploy and manage mashups.

All these features were bundled together in the carbon platform which had earned an excellent user portfolio in middleware enterprise because of the application richness.

Now this flexible, convenient and yet powerful platform has obtained the capability to be deployed as a service. That’s why this new integration is known as Platform – as – a – Service (PaaS). Find the power of this new avant-garde product, WSO2 Stratos on


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